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BEAST - ‘GOOD LUCK’ (Official Music Video)

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BEAST - ‘GOOD LUCK’ (Teaser)

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[!]Beast will have a pre-release ballad song ahead of their comeback on the 16th.
[!!] Ballad track is composed & written by Junhyung; showcases Yoseob’s exceptional vocals. Unknown release date; tentatively later next week.
[!!!] Title of the pre-release ballad track will be revealed together when the album tracklist is revealed.

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그림자처럼 항상 함께였던 아름다운 네 미소가 날 비추던 #130719

[TRANS] : Your beautiful smile that used to always be with me would shine on me #130719

Because I’m a shadow shadow shadow #130719

so title track is Shadow ???

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B2ST to return with their second full-length album next week!

B2ST will be making their return after a year with their second full-length album!

Cube Entertainment announced today that B2ST will be releasing ‘Hard to Love, How to Love' on July 19 KST and added, "The members have participated a lot in this album."

Despite their busy schedules, the members took the time to work on producing the album themselves with the motto “All made by B2ST” in mind. B2ST plan to reveal their title track “Hard to Love, How to Love” at their solo concert ‘2013 Beautiful Show' on the 20th and 21st.  

Currently, the boys have wrapped up filming for their comeback MV on the 10th, and Cube revealed that they went for a dark, masculine concept.

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비스트는 5월의 약속을 지키기 위해 첫 번째 타이틀곡 디지털 싱글 ‘괜찮겠니?’를 오는 29일에 발표합니다. 이제는 프로듀서라는 타이틀이 제법 어색하지 않은 용준형의 곡으로 비스트의 성숙해진 감성을 한껏 느낄 수 있는 타이틀곡입니다. 사실적이면서도 드라마틱한 이 곡은 듣는 순간 모두가 영화 속 주인공이 된 듯한 착각에 사로잡힐 법한 곡입니다.

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[!!!] ‘Will You Be Okay’- BEAST Single will be released on the 29th!!!

[!!!] BEAST comeback will take place in July and their songs will be performed for the FIRST TIME during their concert in July

[!] Before the big comeback in July, May will be for ‘Will You Be Okay’ Single and June will be an event for B2UTIES and BEAST members

'Will You Be Okay' is a track composed and written by Yong Junhyung and it's a dramatic & sentimental song like BEAST's past styles

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From their preview of teaser album cover photos, the six men were dressed in Givenchy collection defining “style-dol”



Dunno but they look Gorgeous in any style….let’s see…. soon


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